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Angular cheilitis and bacterial vaginosis are likewise bacterial in nature. Morning sickness is little understood, while fibroid treatment and ovarian cysts remain primarily fungal. Whether the author has succeeded in working out her own idea or not must be left to others to determine. But if she has failed, it has not been through want of opportunity or examination to study the original causes of such illnesses.

For a quarter of a century she has resided amid the confines and strictures of the medical fraternity. The first impressions, corrected and improved by subsequent study and tests, are now reproduced for the eye of the public. The author entertains the idea that much has been published upon a natural bv treatment, for example, which recent research has shown to be incorrect or rendered superfluous.

I do not propose or attempt a consecutive comment on any particular hypothesis. When menopause happens, many women are nonplussed, rather like myself.

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Much of what has been written does not even properly refer to the topics being studied. Erudite and curious enquiries into a jewelry booth, for example, though valuable in their own way, are plainly out of place in such works. The same remark applies to extended critical and exegetical discussion. In these and many other parts of medical literature, a student in Kansas or California will have access to better knowledge at their local library. This is a worrying trend.


by Lucy Payn (health issues editor)

Excellent Quote on Ovarian Cysts Treatment

I have spent over 20 years as a medical clinician and 8 as a clinician as well as an advocate, to a limited degree, of alternative treatments. Wearing my clinician’s hat, I must admit that we are on the horns of a dilemma as far as issues like ovarian cysts treatment are concerned. Scientific research confined to the laboratory indicates antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products should be the correct cures. However, empirical evidence in the form of treatment outcomes shows alternative medicine to be a clear winner. Add to that the damage that antibiotics are doing to the immunology of the world’s population and the evidence gives you a sharp slap in the face. Personally, I am tending once more in favor of herb based options. It also appears to be becoming a pervasive opinion among my clinical colleagues. — Dr. Johannes Kirkengaard, Insight Medical, Amsterdam, Wolters, 2009, pp.8-14

Natural Ovarian Cysts Treatment

Herbal treatments are steadily replacing clinical synthetic drugs and the use of a scalpel. A well researched and tested natural remedy guide is essential for ovarian cysts treatment. A correct mixture of herbs from across the globe, taken in the right doses, will ensure the shrinking and eradication of the cyst or cysts. There is no need for dangerous pharmaceutical products or surgery in most cases. Natural remedies are fast acting, non-dangerous and inexpensive. In fact, they are so cheap a whole month’s course costs less than two days’ supply of prescription drugs. Grow your own to treat cysts along with everyday aa well as less common ailments, and it will cost you nothing.

Causes and Symptoms

The causes of ovarian cysts are multifarious. They can include one or a combination of the following: genetic tendency, poor eating habits, malfunctioning immune system, ovulation problems, resistance to insulin and a build up of toxins that the liver can not deal with. Symptoms, in the form of intense pain, are pretty obvious but can be confused for something else. A proper examination, normally leading to an ultrasound is vital.

by Sara Mayes

(writes about herbal and natural health remedies)

  • Morning Sickness – When Does It Start?

    Morning sickness can start as soon as 15 days after conception. Most women experience the first symptoms within 5 weeks of falling pregnant. Many women have morning sickness for the entirety of their pregnancy. Most expectant moms report that it has gone after about 14 weeks.

  • Symptoms of Morning Sickness

    Headaches, nausea and queasiness. Vomiting is quite usual.

  • Reasons for Morning Sickness

    No-one really knows why morning sickness occurs. This can make effective morning sickness treatment difficult. That is why a herbal treatment for morning sickness has become so popular in recent years. It treats the body holistically, so even if the primary and secondary factors are unknown, all bases are covered. The right herbs stop nausea, increase immunity and rectify hormonal imbalances.

  • Effects

    Exhaustion, nutrient deficiency and dehydration are all problems, and serious ones at that. Mom needs to stay as healthy as possible and build her pre-natal health in anticipation of the birth and aftercare. Plus all these bad effects are detrimental to the developing fetus.

  • Herbal Morning Sickness Treatment

    Use a recommended instruction guide if you choose to follow a herbal treatment for morning sickness. Traditional Chinese herbs and English field and hedgerow herbs are excellent, but modern fusions of herbs from different traditions across the world are now even better.

  • Herbs to Use

    These are some of the herbs I used some 30 years ago to adjust the hormones to the right levels and others which prevented nausea: Sea Holly, quince seeds, peach bark, eyebright, goldenseal, bilberry and Angostura bark. However, the modern herbal remedies are even better, from what I have researched.

  • Quote on Modern Morning Sickness Treatment

    Mary Urquvist of the Teddington Health Institute, CA, said of herbal remedies in 2009: 31% of women now use a herbal remedy compared with just 4% a decade ago.


I post regularly to other WordPress blogs. So far I have started with BV, bacterial vaginosis and Candida yeast infections.

Yeast infections are the worst of the two complaints, although the symptoms for both are pretty dreadful. My article yeast infection remedies was titled Home Yeast Infection Cure.

For the same blog, I have written about bacterial vaginosis under the heading New BV Remedies.

Candida and BV are different in the following way. A yeast infection starts in the stomach and ultimately forms a yeasty root-like form which adheres to the stomach’s lining. As the condition degenrates, the infection enters the bloodstream and affects local areas like the mouth and genitals. BV, on the other hand, is localized to the vagina, as the name indicates.

But both are caused by an imbalance of good bacteria, which is why it is so important to work with herbs to maintain the body’s natural balances at all times. Both BV and candida can be treated holistically with herbs, an improved diet and exercise.

The herbs are the most important element for eradication of the symptoms and root causes of both ailments. The right herbal mix increases good bacteria and, in the case of a yeast infection, helps the liver to detox excess single cells.

A number of my vaginitis articles appear on several blogs, entitled Herbal Remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis, BV Herbal Cure From Home and Bacterial Vaginosis Herbal Cure Guides.

My articles at Ezine Articles are open for all to read. They cover topics such as fibroids, sleep loss, weight reduction, pregnancy, fertlity, ovarian cysts, BV, candida, bruxism and so on. You can find my author area here.

BV Cures is not a bad start if that is what the problem is. Symptoms should dissolve within a matter of days. Echinacea and wormwood are at the forefront of combating this illness. Licorice root and goldenseal are also extremely effective.

Without further ado, let me introduce myself. My name is Sara Mayes. You can find out more about me, what I do and my ideas on natural health remedies in my ‘About Me’ page.

I hope you enjoy my blog and the entries from other authors, especially Lucy Payn. I regularly write about women’s health issues on other blogs specializing in alternative and herbal remedies, such as Cathy’s Health, Jane’s Natural Remedies, Simple Health Ideas, Lucy’s Women’s Health and Emily’s Health Remedies. Links are supplied in the side bar. My favorite site away from health is Laperle Jewelry.

Expect one to two posts each week. To your health, one and all!